We Are Not A Lead Provider That Will Replace Your Current Lead Providers.

Our goal is to not replace other lead providers but instead to supplement and offer high quality leads obtained, not through "pay-per-click" advertising, but instead through:

  • Site Networking on other popular Valley Solutions, Inc. sites like AgentsIndex.com and TransportReviews.com. (Please note that we plan on at first only advertising our sites on TransportReviews.com in a manner that other companies have the right to advertise in. That is through text advertisements. It is our goal to keep TransportReviews.com as seperate as possible from other sites. With that said we also want to add that doing business with Valley Solutions through this program will not help or hurt you on TransportReviews.com other than possibly increasing the number of reviews you receive. See Program Requirements.)

  • Non-Paid Search Engine Results are hopfully going to be the future of our sites. We have extensive experience with search engine optimization and our hope is to see 80% of our traffic coming from natural non-paid search engine results by April 2007.

  • Type In Traffic is a form of lead generation that almost no other lead site can offer. Did you know that up to 15% of those looking for a service type it directly into a search engine? For example those looking for an "auto transporter" type that into their browser following by ".com" 15% of the time instead of searching for "auto transporter". So a web property like AutoTransporter.com has access to traffic and leads that no other company does!
We also won't replace your current lead provider because the fact is we may never offer the quantity of leads that you receive from other lead providers. But with the higher quality of lead you will receive the money you spend with our program will offer a much higher return than other advertising options.

With Our Higher Quality There Is Higher Responsibility. Click Here For Program Requirements.