Program Requirements

  • Companies must have a three star rating or higher on signifying that the majority of the visitors that post reviews would use your company again. If you have less than a three star rating you must first get your rating higher. For more information on how to do this please visit the "How Can I Improve My Rating" frequently asked question on or call us.

  • Companies must fax a copy of their license, bond and/or insurance to Valley Solutions, Inc. at 513-755-0550. These documents may be made public on several of the lead sites in PDF format.

  • Companies must not have a problem with us sending an email to all leads encouraging them to post a review on the company they shipped their vehicle with which will ultimately be used on (We encourage all companies to ask every customer they serve to post a review, not just the ones you think you've served well.)

  • Companies may not do anything that might be considered agressive sales to the leads you receive from us. An example of agressive sales might be daily follow-up emails and/or phone calls for two weeks after someone submits a quote request. We aren't trying to remove anyone's competitive advantage, but instead we are preventing complaints from the visitors of our sites that unsuspectingly walk into email and phone solicitation over and beyond what is reasonable or courteous. If you have questions on this item please feel free to ask.

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